IT IS A FACT THAT: In 2014 the average monthly number of children in Geauga County JFS child protective services custody was 66 which is an increase from 27 in 2011. This increase is due to the growing problem of parental alcohol and drug abuse, largely heroin and opiates. That's why United Way funds programs that help our neighbors in treatment and recovery.

Health Strategies:

Increase Access to Mental Health Treatment and Awareness of Mental Health Issues

Mental health treatment is a priority health issue in Geauga County.  While the Affordable Care Act and expansion of Medican can provide medical coverage, co-pays and deductibles often keep this treatment out of reach for many low-income residents.

Increase Awareness and Treatment Options for Substance Abuse

The tremendous increase in the abuse of opiates and heroin across the region is causing great strain on families, as well as our law enforcement and court system.  Treating this and other types of addictions helps not only the individual, but our community as a whole.

Increase Access to Health Care

The expansion of health care to low-income residents has been very helpful, but there are still obstacles to accessing health care.  United Way provides funding for specialized care and asists with health care access through 2-1-1 and our Aging and Disability Resource Center.

Together we are Connecting the Community to Improve Lives!