IT IS A FACT THAT: 1 in 13 people in Geauga live below the Federal Poverty Level. 1 in 5 households or 22% of the residents of Geauga County live below 200% of poverty which means they struggle with fulfilling basic needs such as housing, utilities and food. That's why United Way collaborates to develop programs and funds agency programs that help to move low-income households away from the brink of crisis toward financial stability.


Income Strategies:

Community Based Resource Coordination

United Way promotes financial stability by investing in programs that provide long-term assistance to those who are unemployed or underemployed by connecting them to resouces in the community.  This year, United Way has invested in four programs desiged to work with families long-term to help move the household towards self-sufficiency.


Workplace Based Resource Coordination

The Bridges@Work program helps employees get to work, stay focused at work and advance inthe workplace.  Catholic Charities Community Services of Geauga County's staff connects employees to helpful resources and low-interest loans through the Geauga Credit Union, Inc.


Together we are Connecting the Community to Improve Lives!