Planned Giving

Planned Giving through United Way

Plan for your future and the future of our community at the same time through United Way Services of Geauga County's Endowment and Planned Giving Program.  Charitable gift annuities and other options make it possible to secure income, as well as tax advantages, while supporting our community's health and human services for many years to come.
The Endowment and Planned Giving Program lets you map out your financial course in a flexible manner, balancing your financial goals and your family's needs with your charitable interests.  By including United Way in your estate planning, you will enable its important work to continue with the resources it will require to address unforeseen needs in the future.
So what is in your plan for the future?  Make it one that ensures you and your loved ones' well-being and the long-term vitality of our community through United Way Services of Geauga County.  Please click to print or review our Endowment and Planned giving brochure or our Legacy Donor booklet.  Please fill out the form below and our staff will be in contact to answer any questions and guide you through the best decision making process for your individual plan.